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Why Should You Hire Mark Karpinka to Write Your Resume?

Fast Service - First drafts are delivered within 3 business days.

Expertise - In his HR Management roles, Mark has evaluated tens of thousands of resumes, conducted thousands of job interviews, and hired professionals from Laborers to CEO's.

Cost Effective - New resumes begin at $95 (includes gst).

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... I was re-entering the job market, after being unemployed for a few years, and I came across Mark's website. My initial email inquiry received a very quick response. Within a few short days, Mark emailed the agreed on product and it exceeded my expectations! Mark's interactions are consistently professional. His evaluations and critiques are honest, keeping the process real. I would definitely recommend Write My Resume.  ....

- Jacqueline Admiraal -

why does hr management experience matter?

Most Resume Writers Have Never Hired One Single Person - It is incredibly important that you check the background of your potential resume writer. If that writer has never hired a single person in the career, what makes you think that this person can write you an effective resume that will get your foot in the door?

Most Resume Writers Have No Human Resources Expertise - Why does HR Management experience matter? Because 95% of the time HR professionals are the ones who assess if your resume goes in the YES pile or the No pile. The choice is yours, hire a writer who can fill your resume with big words OR hire a resume writer who will craft your resume in the language that is understood by Human Resources Professionals.

Most Resume Writers Have Never Even Worked in North America - Yes, sad but true. Most resume writing companies "sub-contract individuals from outside of North America" to write for their clients. In your research to find a writer, ask: who actually will write my resume? You want a writer who knows and has worked within the North American job market. Even better- hire a writer that also has hands-on Recruitment and Selection work experience like Mark Karpinka.

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