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  • I have 15 years of progressive Human Resources Management experience and my expertise is in Talent Management, Recruitment, and Employee Relations.
  • I've been fortunate to work in senior-level, HR Management roles for a variety of private businesses and government institutions.
  • I have a Bachelors degree, HR Management certificate, and a Data Analytics certificate.
  • I run Write My Resume (and other online business ventures) from my home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
  • My business partner is my dog, Benny. 

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Mark Karpinka shares his thoughts on resumes, cover letters, and "career counselling questions" that are posed to him from his clients.

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What You Don’t Want to Hear About Finding a New Job

I’m a straight shooter with my clients. I want them to know the facts, so each of them is best prepared to navigate the out of control world of work. Why do I use the phrase “out of control” to describe working? Because I believe that there are more factors out of your control over the course of your career, than things that are within your control. Let’s look at the three ways people get new jobs.


1.       Luck

·         About 1% of people find their new jobs because of dumb luck. They didn’t have a single thought, take a single action, or do anything to get their new job, it just dropped into their lap… like it always drops into their lap… because the universe just seems to help this person more than the rest of us. You’re allowed to secretly hate this person. I do. LOL! This person is also the one who complains about winning the lottery… for the third time… because they don’t know what to do with the money.

2.       Networking

·         The stats indicate that 33% of people find jobs through networking. These people actively reach out to their friends, family and work connections and tell them that they are looking for work. Yes, you read it right- they find the courage to say, “I’m looking for a new job… this is what I do… I’m darn good at it… and if you have an opening or if you know somebody who is looking for a great person like me… I’m ready, willing and moiré than able! Call me! Here’s my contact information”. They send emails to their network with their resume attached. They go to events where their professionals hang out. The phrase, “It’s who you know”… this is why that phrase has legs.

3.       The Job Application Process

·         So this is how most of us find our next job. We have to go through a process where there are more things against us, than for us. You don’t really know the company. You have no idea who your competition is. You don’t know the names of the people evaluating your application, and further, you don’t even know their little idiosyncrasies so you can tailor your resume to their likes and avoid their dislikes. I could go, but you get my point. It’s hard, It’s not fait. It stinks. And it’s going to take time.


So I know you don’t want to hear this, but here I go:

Getting work… is hard work and it takes a lot of work.


I can help. I can give you a template to how you should spend your day (and maybe your night) when you have to go through the job application process.

If want some help, email me at

In the meantime, be good to yourself, take care, and as my favorite poet, Leonard Cohen, wrote: There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.


Mark Karpinka

Founder of and


September 13th 2018